What is Preen Weed Killer?

What is Preen Weed Killer?


When you are planning to plant your garden, you need the right supplies. If you are not familiar with gardening products, your question may be “What is Preen weed killer?” Whether your garden consists of vegetables or flowers, it is a product you should consider.

What Is Preen Weed Killer?

From its name, you might assume Preen products are toxic. However, it is not exactly a weed killer. Instead of killing weeds that have already grown in your garden, it actually prevents weeds. Weed seeds will not sprout at all when you use Preen granules.

The granules provide a barrier that does not allow weed seeds to sprout. This barrier is invisible. After you apply and water the granules, all you need to do is wait for it to dry. This method is harmless to both humans and pets.

The absence of toxic chemicals is one benefit of Preen. It is especially important when you are planting vegetables. It also makes gardening easier for you. You do not need to pull weeds, or apply chemicals to weeds after they have grown in your garden. You can enjoy your flowers or vegetables during the entire season, and never see a weed. There are Preen weed control products for lawns, too.

Simply choose the type of weed preventer that is suitable for your lawn or garden, and see how easy gardening can be when you have the best products.

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